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Amityville III (1983) - Daybill

Amityville III (1983) - Daybill

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Dive into the horrors of the infamous Amityville house with this original Australian daybill cinema poster for "Amityville 3-D" (1983). Directed by Richard Fleischer, this supernatural horror film takes viewers on a terrifying journey into the depths of the Amityville curse. The poster's haunting design captures the ominous atmosphere and chilling suspense of the film, promising a cinematic experience filled with spine-tingling scares and supernatural phenomena. Measuring 13 x 30 inches, this daybill cinema poster is a must-have for horror aficionados, commemorating the film's contribution to the Amityville horror franchise and its immersive 3-D effects. Hang "Amityville 3-D" on your wall and prepare to be haunted by its eerie imagery and immersive storytelling.

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