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Blow Out (1981) - Daybill

Blow Out (1981) - Daybill

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Immerse yourself in the world of suspense and conspiracy with this original Australian daybill cinema poster for "Blow Out" (1981). Directed by Brian De Palma, this thriller stars John Travolta as a sound effects technician who unwittingly captures a political assassination on tape. The poster's gripping design captures the tension and intrigue of the film, promising a cinematic experience filled with suspense and unexpected twists. Measuring 13 x 30 inches, this daybill cinema poster is a prized possession for collectors, commemorating De Palma's masterful storytelling and Travolta's compelling performance. Hang "Blow Out" on your wall and let its Hitchcockian suspense and cinematic brilliance elevate your space into a thrilling realm of mystery and danger.

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