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Cujo (1983) - Daybill

Cujo (1983) - Daybill

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Experience the terrifying suspense of "Cujo" with the original Australian daybill cinema poster. Directed by Lewis Teague, this poster captures the chilling atmosphere of this iconic horror film.

Released in 1983, "Cujo" brings Stephen King's nightmarish tale to life, portraying the harrowing ordeal of a mother and son trapped in a car while being stalked by a rabid St. Bernard. Brace yourself for heart-pounding tension and relentless terror.

This original Australian daybill cinema poster showcases captivating artwork that reflects the film's gripping intensity and horror. Celebrate the enduring legacy of "Cujo" with this collector's item, which captures the essence of the film's fear-inducing narrative.

Add a touch of cinematic horror to your collection with the original Australian daybill cinema poster of "Cujo," a must-have for fans of Stephen King's works and the unforgettable performances that have made this film a terrifying classic. Prepare for a bone-chilling experience with this haunting poster.


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