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Flesh For Frankenstein (1973) - Daybill

Flesh For Frankenstein (1973) - Daybill

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Step into the macabre world of "Flesh For Frankenstein," where the boundaries between science and depravity blur. Dr. Frankenstein, driven by a twisted desire to create the perfect human, plunges into a nightmarish experiment. With each stitch and incision, he pushes the limits of morality and mortality, determined to sculpt his monstrous masterpiece.

As the doctor's obsession spirals out of control, a tale of terror and grotesque desire unfolds. Amidst the chilling atmosphere of his laboratory, secrets are unearthed, and horrors unleashed. Brace yourself for a spine-tingling journey into the darkest depths of human ambition, where the line between life and death is gruesomely blurred.

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