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Julia (1977) - Daybill

Julia (1977) - Daybill

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Immerse yourself in the captivating drama of "Julia," a thought-provoking film from 1977 directed by Fred Schepisi. This authentic Australian daybill cinema poster is a nostalgic treasure that captures the essence of this powerful story. The vibrant artwork showcases the film's main actors, providing a glimpse into their gripping performances. Starring Jane Fonda as the fearless and inspiring Julia, alongside Vanessa Redgrave in a mesmerizing supporting role, this critically acclaimed film explores the profound impact of friendship and sacrifice amidst the backdrop of political unrest. This meticulously preserved daybill poster, with its rich colors and iconic design, is a must-have collectible for cinema enthusiasts and fans of classic cinema alike. Transport yourself back to 1977 and relive the timeless beauty of "Julia" with this remarkable piece of cinematic history.

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