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Kentucky Fried Movie (1977) - Daybill

Kentucky Fried Movie (1977) - Daybill

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Indulge in a side-splitting comedy experience with the original Australian one sheet cinema poster of "Kentucky Fried Movie." Directed by John Landis, this poster captures the hilarious spirit of this iconic sketch comedy film.

Released in 1977, "Kentucky Fried Movie" delivers a series of irreverent and uproarious sketches that spoof various genres, commercials, and pop culture of the time. With a talented ensemble cast, including Bill Bixby, George Lazenby, and the comedy team of Zucker, Abrahams, and Zucker, this film is a riotous celebration of humor.

This original Australian one sheet cinema poster features vibrant artwork that reflects the film's comedic energy and irreverent style. Celebrate the outrageous humor and satire of "Kentucky Fried Movie" with this collector's item, which captures the essence of its laugh-out-loud moments.

Add a touch of comedic brilliance to your collection with the original Australian one sheet cinema poster of "Kentucky Fried Movie," a must-have for fans of zany sketch comedies and the unforgettable performances that have made this film a cult classic.

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