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Puberty Blues (1981) - One Sheet

Puberty Blues (1981) - One Sheet

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Dive into the world of adolescence and rebellion with this original one-sheet cinema poster for "Puberty Blues" (1981). Directed by Bruce Beresford, the film provides a gritty and honest portrayal of teenage life in 1970s Australia. The poster's evocative design captures the spirit of the film, offering a glimpse into the challenges, friendships, and rites of passage faced by two teenage girls navigating the complexities of growing up. Measuring approximately 27 x 41 inches, this one-sheet cinema poster is a collector's item, celebrating the film's cultural impact and its unflinching exploration of the teenage experience. Hang "Puberty Blues" on your wall and let its raw and authentic storytelling transport you back to a time of rebellion, self-discovery, and the pursuit of identity amidst the waves of change.

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