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Supergirl (1984) - Daybill

Supergirl (1984) - Daybill

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Soar into the realm of superheroes with this original Australian Cinema daybill poster of the iconic film "Supergirl." Released in 1984 and directed by Jeannot Szwarc, this thrilling adventure brings the beloved character of Supergirl to life on the big screen. The poster showcases the radiant Helen Slater in the lead role, donning the famous cape and embodying the strength and courage of the superheroine. With its vibrant colors and dynamic design, this poster captures the essence of the film's epic battles and empowering narrative. A must-have for fans of the DC universe and superhero films, the "Supergirl" Cinema daybill poster is a nostalgic treasure that celebrates female strength and the enduring legacy of Krypton's last daughter.

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