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The Antichrist (1974) - Daybill

The Antichrist (1974) - Daybill

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Immerse yourself in the occult with this original Australian daybill cinema poster for "The Antichrist" (1974). Directed by Alberto De Martino, this horror film stars Carla Gravina and Mel Ferrer in a chilling tale of dark forces and supernatural occurrences. The poster's eerie design captures the ominous atmosphere of the film, promising a cinematic experience filled with suspense and supernatural dread. Measuring 13 x 30 inches, this daybill cinema poster is a rare find for collectors, commemorating the film's exploration of the supernatural and the battle between good and evil. Hang "The Antichrist" on your wall and let its haunting presence and occult themes transport you to a world where the line between the earthly and the infernal is dangerously thin.

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