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The Front (1976) - Daybill

The Front (1976) - Daybill

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Step into the dramatic world of the entertainment industry with this original Australian daybill cinema poster for "The Front" (1976). Directed by Martin Ritt and starring Woody Allen and Zero Mostel, this powerful drama delves into the political and personal struggles faced by the individuals blacklisted during the McCarthy era in Hollywood. The poster's evocative and compelling design captures the film's poignant exploration of courage, loyalty, and artistic integrity, promising a cinematic experience that will leave a lasting impact. Measuring 13 x 30 inches, this daybill cinema poster is a cherished addition to your collection, celebrating the exceptional performances and thought-provoking narrative of "The Front." Witness the emotional journey of the characters as they face the consequences of standing up against injustice and oppression, revealing the price paid for the right to express oneself freely in the world of show business. Hang "The Front" on your wall and let its powerful message remind you of the importance of artistic freedom and the enduring impact of storytelling in the face of adversity.

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