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The Octagon (1980) Chuck Norris - One Sheet

The Octagon (1980) Chuck Norris - One Sheet

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Prepare for intense martial arts action with this original Australian Cinema one-sheet poster of the thrilling film "The Octagon" (1980). Directed by Eric Karson, this action-packed martial arts film stars the legendary Chuck Norris in the lead role. The poster captures Norris's commanding presence and showcases the film's explosive fight scenes. With its bold typography and dynamic design, this poster sets the stage for the pulse-pounding excitement that awaits viewers. A must-have for fans of martial arts films and Norris's iconic performances, the "The Octagon" Cinema one-sheet poster is a collector's item that encapsulates the adrenaline-fueled thrills of this classic action flick. Get ready to enter the deadly world of ninja warriors and witness the unmatched skills of Chuck Norris in full force.

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